Lil’ Roosters

As the fiery heart of the Cajun Roosters, Chris Hall and Hazel Scott are no strangers to festival stages. But here, as a duo of accordion, footstomp, guitar and vocals they adopt a different vibe. The main course integrates traditional cajun with back porch zydeco, swamp blues, and louisiana country. Then as a side order they serve up some well known songs covered in hot swamp sauce.
From Doris Menard to Dolly Parton, from Dewey Balfa to Duffy, It’s a powerful combination. Honed over the last few years in the bars of the Derwent Delta where no prisoners are taken. They know how to rock and just when it looks like it’s all about to turn into a barroom brawl they know how to make grown men cry! Cajun and zydeco with a different edge. Come hang out with Lil Roosters y’all.

Performance Times:

Sunday 5:30-7:00 Main Hall

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