Razor Holler

Formed in 2017, Razor Holler released their eponymous debut CD in early 2020. Since getting together the band have gigged extensively taking their brand of “country flavoured rock n roll” to appreciative audiences in dance halls, rock n roll clubs, festivals, weekenders, honky tonks, dive bars and good old live music pubs (remember them!?).

If you like to jive, stroll, bop , two step or just have yourselves a swingin’ time then Razor Holler will be raisin’ a holler at the Big Weekend 2022!!

Razor Holler are:

  • Rusty Williams (acoustic guitar- vocals)
  • Danny Ibison (electric guitars – vocals)
  • Helen Blank (bass – vocals)
  • Alan Bentley (drums)

Performance Times:

Saturday 2:30 – 4:30 pm Main Hall

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