The Hotfoot Specials

The Hotfoot Specials play traditional Cajun music from Southwest Louisiana. Our influences vary from the Balfa Brothers, Marc Savoy to Steve Riley and Cory McCauley and his Evangeline Aces. We love that old Cajun sound and cant wait to see the dance floor full of happy feet.

Chris Murphy – Accordion and Lead Vocals

Accordionist and lead vocalist Chris Murphy was born in Nashville Tennessee and moved to the UK when young. Chris was always surrounded by traditional American music as he grew up and this has been an important part of his life and a great influence on his musical interests. Chris discovered Cajun music from his Dad’s old record collection and the music got under his skin at a young age.

Martin Brown – Guitar

Martin Brown is a fine guitarist with a great ear for that “old string band era”. Martin has played with too many musicians and bands to count and has been part of the London music / folk scene for over 30 years. He plays a mean guitar and can be seen playing everything from Gypsy Jazz, to Funk and of course Cajun music.

Kirsten Hammond – Fiddle

Kirsten who now lives near Brighton has been playing fiddle from early childhood even leading orchestras at a very young age. She left Lancashire to study music at Goldsmiths University where she discovered a love for traditional music playing in London pubs and clubs and became a large part of the Irish scene in South London / Greenwich area. Later Kirsten moved to Sussex and became part of the Sussex Old Time and Cajun scene.

Grant Allardyce – Drums

Born in Ireland Grant now hails from near Brighton and is a regular drummer on the local scene also teaching Drums as a full time occupation. Grant also plays for a notable UK band “The Mountain Firework Company”, and plays Jazz drums for a Blue Note / Rare Groove band “Lost Organ Unit” he has a rare touch and we are lucky to have him as part of the band.

Bring your dancing shoes and kick up some dust!

Performance Times:

Saturday 2:00-4:00 Main Hall

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